When you create a location for your business in Hawkker you are able to add "Customer Purchase Options". These options allow you to let customers know all the sales channels through which they can purchase your food.

Adding these links in is not required to save a location unless you are operating a Delivery Only location, which requires at least one link to a delivery provider.

Example 1: You are setting up a Fixed Location that offers, Delivery, Eat-in Reservations and Collection:

  • Customers can order delivery using "Delivery Joy" via the link you provide to your restaurant on Delivery Joy's website.

  • They can also make reservations at your restaurant using "Booking Delight" via the link to your restaurant on Booking Delight's website.

  • You also offer a pre-order collection ("Click & Collect") via the ordering page on your own website.

If you have multiple providers for any of the sales channels above, you can add them in. There is no limit to the number of links you can include on your profile.

Example 2: You are operating from a private, Delivery Only Location, customers can purchase delivery orders through your website.

When you setup a Delivery Only Location (see this article for more info on locations), you are required to add at least 1 delivery provider.

You are not able to set-up Collection or Reservation providers for Delivery Only Locations because this is a location type which customers are not intended to visit. If you do offer these services you should change the location type, but remember this will make your location publicly visible for customers to visit in person.

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