Within Hawkker a Vendor Location can be one of four types: 

  1. Market Stall or Pitch - e.g. your stall at a daily street food market

  2. A Fixed Location Shop or Outlet - e.g. your restaurant on the High Street

  3. A Delivery Only Location - e.g. your dark kitchen which sells through a food delivery service (for example)

  4. A Webshop - your website which sends products via Royal Mail (for example)

Note: you are able to add additional locations for your business once you enter the Vendor Admin area following the onboarding process.

Market Stall/Pitch and Fixed Location

The first two location types are very similar in terms of how they work on the Hawkker platform, the only difference between the two types is how Vendors pin point their exact location.

With a Fixed Location Vendors input the postcode and street name of their location and then use the fine-tune function in the next step to show customers their exact location. 

With Market Stalls and Pitches vendors specify which Market or Event they operate at (e.g. Borough Market in London) and then use the fine-tune function in the next step to show customers their exact location. This method is used because many non-permanent locations will not have a postcode associated with them.

A Delivery Only Location

Delivery Only locations are slightly different as they are not intended to be visited by customers. On the Hawkker platform these locations are approximated so that the precise location is kept private. This functionality has been built for dark kitchens or where Vendors are operating from locations that they wish to keep private (e.g. licensed residential kitchens). 

For Delivery Only locations Vendors specify an approximate location using the first half of their postcode (known as the Outcode). For example: a Delivery Only Vendor operating from OX14 3HG would select "OX14 - South Oxfordshire" for this location. 

Eaters will be unable to see the exact location of the Vendor and are only be able access food via delivery links - see screenshot below.

A Webshop

A Webshop location allows you to add a link to your online store and e-commerce offerings. These are different from delivery only locations since they are NOT same-day food delivery services using delivery platforms (e.g Uber Eats) but instead use postal services and use postal services which deliver products in many days.

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