How do Vendors earn Hawkker Points?

Vendors earn Hawkker Points every time they honour a discount voucher that a customer has generated using their Hawkker Points on the Hawkker Eater app. The number of Hawkker Points a Vendor earns is equal to the number of Hawkker Points the customer’s discount was worth (e.g. £2.50 discount voucher = 250 Hawkker Points). Vendors earn these points by scanning the Eater discount voucher and validating the discount. 

If you head over to the Wallet  section of your Vendor Admin area, you will see all the discount redemptions that have earned you Hawkker Points. 


How do Vendors spend their Hawkker Points?

Earned a bunch of Hawkker Points from honouring customer discounts? Get in touch with us asap so we can discuss your business needs and how we can help you get the most value out of your Hawkker Points. Simply click the Hawkker Chat icon in the Vendor app or Vendor Admin Panel in your browser to talk to us about spending your Hawkker Points.

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