We’ve already created profiles for some Vendors. We've done this through a mixture of trying food from those Vendors (#bestjobever) and market research. If you're one of the lucky Vendors whose profile already exists on Hawkker, check out this article for more information on how to claim your Vendor profile. You can then make any and all the edits you want to it.

Why should you claim your Vendor Profile?

1) It's free!

We've built Hawkker as a totally free platform for both Vendors and Eaters (Customers). Our hope is to provide a simple technology solution to help customers find better food and allow Vendors to compete more effectively in a market dominated by big chains. We're passionate about independent food and supporting the Vendors who make it.

2) You take control of your profile

If you claim your profile, you will be able to edit any and all of the information about your business on the Hawkker platform. You can make real-time changes to all your info:

  • Daily menu items and prices

  • Dietary and cuisine information

  • Live discounts

  • Trading locations and schedules

  • Photos, business biography

  • Website, private hire email and social media information 

3) It's super simple to use and purpose-built for independent Vendors 

Hawkker is built for small Vendors like you. It requires no training, additional hardware or expenses. If you own a smartphone, you can use Hawkker. 

All the information about your business is simple to manage on the platform and our business analytics interface is powerful and intuitive for Vendors to use. 

Hawkker streamlines all the time and effort you spend constantly updating information on your website, social media, Google Maps and everywhere else.

If you don't want to claim your Hawkker Profile today, that's totally fine. If you don't want to be on Hawkker, please get in touch and we can remove you from the platform for the time being. Don't worry you can still come back if you change your mind.

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