If you're a Vendor who wants to join Hawkker, or already has a Hawkker profile and you want to claim it, you will need to participate in the Hawkker Points system. 

Is participating in the Hawkker Points system a requirement for using the Hawkker platform?

Yes it is, and here's why. The Hawkker Points system is what makes our platform tick - it's how we encourage Eaters to purchase from independent Vendors like you and provide you the feedback you need to grow. They allow us to keep the platform free for everybody and help us make it as effective as possible in connecting Vendors and Eaters.

Why did you create a system like this?

We developed Hawkker Points after conducting a lot of research with Vendors and Eaters to understand what would make the most sense for them. We developed a system which we think efficiently addresses the key needs of both parties:

  1. To incentivise Eaters to purchase from independent Vendors
  2. To deliver trusted data insights and feedback from real purchases to help Vendors make more informed business decisions 
  3. To give Eaters a single, simple loyalty tool that works for them. We've done this by reducing the complexity and annoyance of having multiple, digital and paper-based loyalty systems
  4. To provide Vendors with a loyalty system that actually delivers repeat business and meaningful, trusted business insights
  5. To allow the platform as a whole to be free for Vendors and Eaters and eliminate the need for the purchase of any additional hardware or devices or pay subscription fees or commissions 

If you’ve got any questions about the Hawkker Points system, or the platform in general, we’d love to here from you, please get in touch over chat or drop us an email on: support@hawkker.com

Learn more about Hawkker Points here and check out our Terms & Conditions here: https://hawkker.com/hawkker-points-terms.

This sounds good, I want to be on Hawkker!

Create a Vendor Profile

If you want to build your Hawkker Profile, you can read more about the process here, or hit the button below and jump straight in (it’s easy!).

Claim your Vendor Account

We’ve already got the ball rolling for some Vendors by creating their Hawkker Profiles. If you want to claim your Hawkker Vendor profile, click here to find out how (it’s even easier!).

I don't want to participate in the Hawkker Points programme at this stage. 

That's ok, but since participation is what makes our platform tick, you won't be able to join at this time. If you already have a Vendor Profile, we will need to remove you from our listings. Please get in touch with us if you don’t want to participate in Hawkker Points and need your profile removed. Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you - come back at any time ☺️

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