When a customer has earned enough Hawkker Points, they can convert their Points into a simple digital discount voucher for use at any Vendor on the Hawkker Platform. Customers use their Hawkker Eater app to generate a one-time-use QR code discount voucher for the Vendor to scan with their Hawkker Vendor app. Each Hawkker Point is work £0.01 or 1 pence. Hawkker Points can only be used within the Hawkker Platform and cannot be redeemed outside the Platform or transferred to other Eaters.

How Eaters (aka your customers) Earn Hawkker Points?

We use Hawkker Points to incentivise Eaters to purchase from, and provide feedback to, independent Vendors like you. All purchase and review information is captured and presented to you in the Hawkker Analytics area of your Vendor Profile.

Points for Buying
When a customer spends over £5.00, Vendors show them their unique Hawkker Vendor code so they scan it with their Hawkker Eater app. The customer is then prompted to give details on their purchase (i.e. what they bought) and how long they spent queuing. Customers earn 10 Hawkker Points (worth £0.10) every time they provide this information.

Points for Reviewing
25 minutes after a customer scans a Vendors unique code, the Eater app will prompt the customer to review their meal. Once they rate their meal and provide private written feedback to the Vendor, the customer earns an additional 40 Hawkker Points (worth £0.40).

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How do customers Spend Hawkker Points?

When a customer wants to redeem their Hawkker Points, they simply use the Hawkker Eater app to convert them into single-use QR code discount voucher (see how below) for use at any Hawkker Vendor. 

The Vendor scans this code with their Hawkker Vendor app to validate and record the discount, and then reduces the purchase total by the requisite voucher amount.

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E.g if an eater presents a £3.00 Hawkker discount voucher to you (equivalent to 300 Hawkker points), you would charge them £4.00 for a £7.00 meal.

Restrictions on Spending Hawkker Points

  1. Customers can redeem a maximum of 1000 Hawkker Points (£10.00) in a single voucher
  2. Customers can redeem a minimum of 250 Hawkker Points (£2.50) in a single transaction
  3. Between these two limits, customers can only create vouchers in 50 Point (£0.50) increments

The restrictions above are based on research with Vendors and Eaters, which helped up develop the sweet spot for the Hawkker Points system. 

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