What size/type of images should I use?

For optimal presentation, please try to use high-resolution, square (1:1) images. The system will accept any images of all size ratios, but your awesome food pics will look their best when you use images as close to the 1:1 ratio as possible (i.e. square pics are best).  Please only use .JPG or .PNG images types. 

What kind of images should I include?

For some inspiration you can check out other Hawkker Vendors or can check out how some of your favourite food photographers have shot food in the social media feeds. 

Your images don't just have to be of your food, it can be of your stall or shop, or any interesting preparation steps that you use in making your food.

Can I use images that aren't mine?

If you want to use photos that were taken by somebody else, please get their permission first.

I don't have any great images of my food, what shall I do?

If you don’t have any drool-worthy pictures of your food, please reach out to us to arrange a photography session with someone from the Hawkker team.

How can I tweak my images?

There are a number of great, free online photo editors that let you edit your images and export versions in the 1:1 (square) size ratio. We love:


An awesome, free mobile app for image editing is Google's Snapseed App:

Snapseed - App Store
Snapseed - Google Play Store

If you need any support with image editing, please get in touch with us – we’re always happy to help make your food look as delicious as it tastes!

What is my Hero Image?

Your Hero Image  is the single image that appears in the Discover area when customers are browsing through Vendors in the Hawkker Eater app or website. It is the image that Eaters will see before they jump into your profile, so you should choose an enticing image that accurately portrays the food you offer.

What about the Other Images?

An Eater is able to scroll through the rest of your images when they click through to your Vendor profile:

How many images can I add to my Vendor Profile?

You can have:
 1 Hero Image  
Additional Images

How do I change the order of my images?

You have to upload your images in the order which you want them to appear to Eaters Eaters. If you want to change the order of your images, you must remove them and then upload them again in the correct order. Before you remove images from your profile, please make sure you have saved them somewhere for you to upload them into your profile again, as we are unable to recover your images once they’ve been deleted.

If you have any problems changing the order of your images, please contact us and we can help out. 

Can I change my images at any time?

Yes! You can upload new images and delete old ones by via your Vendor Profile area at any time. Hawkker is all about real-time updates, so Eaters can instantly see a picture of your awesome new menu item as soon as you snap one and upload it to your Vendor Profile.

Will you share my images or video on social media if I ask?

Of course, just get in touch with us over chat and we'd be happy to post your content. 

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