What should I put in my Biography?

Your Vendor Biography can be up to 600 characters long. It’s where you get to tell the story of your food, your business and/or yourself! You may already have one on your website or social media profile, so feel free to copy & paste this into your Hawkker profile, or adapt it to fit within the 600 character limit. For inspiration, check out what other Vendors have said about themselves in their Biography section.

Where does my Biography show up?

Your Biography appears near the top of your Vendor Profile in the Hawkker Eater app. We have limited it to 600 characters so it fits nicely on a mobile screen and doesn't require Eaters to scroll through endless lines of text. If you're having trouble fitting your story into 600 characters, feel free to reach out to us so we can help you draft something great.

And remember, just like with your Tagline, you can use all the 😀🌭🥦🧀 (emojis) you want in your Biography!

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