What is the Invite Reward Scheme about?

We're building the Hawkker Vendor community and we need your help. Eaters can recommend Vendors to get their businesses on Hawkker and Vendors can recommend other Vendors.

Tell Vendors about us and share your unique Invite Code with them. We'll throw in a £20 Amazon voucher for you when they use this code on sign-up and build a valid profile.

Anybody with a Hawkker Eater or Vendor account can share their Invite Code and get invite rewards.

How do I find my Invite Code and Share it?

I am an Eater and want to invite a Vendor

If you have created an account on hawkker.com all you need to do is navigate to your Invite Code and copy it to your clipboard and share it with a Vendor:

I am a Vendor and want to invite another Vendor:

If you have a Hawkker Vendor account you just need to head over to your Profile area on vendors.hawkker.com or using your mobile app:

I am a market operator and I have lots of Vendors I want to invite:

We can help you here and create a custom URL for you to share with your Vendors, this will automatically populate your invite code when Vendors are signing-up to make things even more simple.

I have shared my Invite Code, how do I get my reward?

When a Vendor uses your invite code during sign-up we will receive an alert and you will also receive an email. We are then able to send the digital Amazon vouchers to the email address that your Eater or Vendor account is registered with. 

I have been sent an Invite Code from somebody how do I use it?

When you sign up at vendors.hawkker.com you will be asked if you have a referral code, you can enter the code that has been sent you at this point. 

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