Your Tagline  is a short, snappy description of what your food and your business is all about. Its purpose is to capture attention and excite potential customers as they scroll through the Eater App or Website.

It's displayed right underneath your business name when customers browse and search for Vendors in the Hawkker Eater App. It is also displayed in your Vendor profile. 

Your Tagline  is limited to 50 characters, so the key is to be concise but exciting. You may have already created a Tagline for your social media profiles or as a strapline on your website – we suggest using your existing Tagline if you already have one to maintain the consistency of your brand.

If you're struggling to think of a Tagline, that's ok - it's not easy to distill your delicious offering down to only 50 characters! It’s helpful to think about how you would describe your unique selling point and what makes your food special to a passing customer. For inspiration, check out some famous food business straplines here

Top tip: you can also use emojis in your Tagline to better express yourself


Lebanese Soul Food 😌🇱🇧

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