What are Hawkker Points?

Customers earn them

Hawkker Points are an in-app currency that customers earn when they purchase from Hawkker Vendors and leave them feedback on their food. 

Customers spend them

Customers can turn the Hawkker Points they’ve collected into discounts that can be redeemed from any Hawkker Vendor. When a customer redeems their discount from a Hawkker Vendor, that Vendor is awarded that customer's Hawkker Points.  

Vendors earn and spend them

Vendors can spend the Hawkker Points they’ve collected from honouring customer discounts on additional marketing services provided by Hawkker. Please get in touch with us via chat or email if you are a Vendor and would like to spend your Hawkker Points.

Why do Hawkker Points exist?

The Hawkker platform is totally free-of-charge for Vendors, which means we don’t charge any subscription fees, sales commissions, set-up charges or hardware costs. Our mission is to help independent businesses succeed and grow – we don’t want to add to your overheads or business complexity with the hefty fees and commissions that other platforms charge for their complicated products. 

What we do ask is that all Vendors participate in the Hawkker Points system. We use Hawkker Points as our way of rewarding customers for choosing Vendors like you over High Street alternatives. When customers spend £5.00 or more with you, they are eligible to use their Hawkker Eater App to scan your Vendor Code and earn Hawkker Points. In return, we ask customers to rate their meal – these ratings are aggregated into the average rating that appears on your profile in the Hawkker Eater app. This rating helps other customers decide where to eat.  

In addition to a rating, we also ask customers to leave waiting time information and feedback about their meal, both of which are only visible to you, the Vendor to help you innovate your menu and grow your business. It is not published to customers on the Hawkker Eater app. All of your customer data is crunched and available to you in the Analytics area of your Hawkker Vendor Profile.

How Hawkker Points rewards Eaters

When a customer has earned enough Hawkker Points, they can convert their Points into a simple discount voucher for use at any vendor on the Hawkker Platform. Each point they earn is worth £0.01. When a customer wants to redeem their Hawkker discount voucher with you, we ask that you reduce the requisite discount amount from their total bill. E.g. if a customer presents a £2.50 Hawkker discount voucher to you (equivalent to 250 Hawkker Points) for a £7 meal, you would apply a £2.50 discount and charge them £4.50 for that meal.

Why the Hawkker Points system make sense for Vendors

We hope you view the occasional discounts you give to customers as a reasonable payment for the benefits of the Hawkker Platform. Our research shows that a points-based discount system is the most effective and unimposing way for Vendors to “pay” for Hawkker.

The logic here is: If Hawkker isn’t driving customers to your business, you’ll honour fewer discounts to Hawkker Eaters. On the flip side, if Hawkker is attracting more customers to your business, it’s likely that you’ll be honouring more discount vouchers, but you’ll also enjoy increased sales to full-price paying customers, more than offsetting the discounts you honour. Meaning, you only “pay” for Hawkker when it’s working for you – by bringing customers to your business and increasing your bottom line.

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