Hawkker is a real-time marketing and insights platform for independent food Vendors. We enable our Vendors to simply and effectively share all the information that modern, digital-first customers expect to be readily available when making food choices. 

Explain what you mean by real-time marketing
Hawkker allows you to make on-the-fly updates to all the key pre-purchase information customers want to know. Using the Vendor App, you're able to make live updates to your menu items, menu prices (discounts), trading location(s), pictures and much more. All of these updates are shown straight away to customers who increasingly expect to be provided with accurate, live information.  

And what do you mean by marketing insights?
Built into Hawkker is a simple transaction capture system using smartphone cameras and QR technology. This allows Vendors to gain detailed information on their sales and get feedback from real, validated customers. This information is used to build a rating and to help Vendors get a better understanding of their customers. Vendors are free to download and use this information as they want. (e.g. for business plans or financing applications).

Do you charge like the other platforms?
Hawkker is a free platform for Vendors and Customers alike. We do not take commissions on your sales or charge a fee for driving customers to you. You do not need to purchase and train yourself on expensive hardware or pay for any subscriptions. All you need as a Hawkker Vendor is a smart phone (with internet) at your trading location.

Is Hawkker a delivery platform?
Hawkker is not a delivery or pre-purchase platform. We help customers discover your food and find out exactly where you are. Customers then visit your stall or shop and purchase food in the normal fashion with cash or card. Hawkker does not handle or process any payments.

Tell me about transaction capture
In a nutshell, transaction capture allows Vendors to offer a simple loyalty scheme to customers to reward them for purchases and feedback. When a Customer purchases from a Hawkker Vendor they collect Hawkker Points, which they can convert to discounts. They earn more Hawkker Points when they provide feedback to Vendors.

We built this system after extensive research with both Vendors and Customers. Customers telling us that they wanted a single, unified loyalty scheme and Vendors telling us they they want a simple, but effective, way of gathering sales analytics from real customers - for free! You can find out much more about this system here.
So how does Hawkker make money?
Hawkker does not charge Vendors or Customers for using the platform. At this stage we make money from advertising (to Customers and Vendors). We are working on certain features within the platform for paying Customers and Vendors, but at this stage, everything Hawkker features is free to download and use for everybody.


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