Powerful Vendor Search and Discovery

Customers use the Hawkker website and or iOS app to search and discover open Vendors. They can browse nearby Vendors or use our powerful search to hunt out specific cuisines, dietary requirements or discounts. When customers find the food that they want, Hawkker maps them straight there. 

Driving Customers to Vendors

Inside the Vendor profile are details on daily opening hours today and exact location(s). This helps nearby customers know exactly where Vendors are and when they're open, so they can get the food they want without delay or disappointment. Check out a demo of how the Eater Mobile App works below: 

Hawkker helps Vendors stand out

Hawkker profiles allow Vendors to show off exactly what makes their business and food special. Customers can see high-quality pictures of food, read Vendors' origin stories, hunt for cuisines and filter on their dietary requirements. 

They can also see exactly what dishes a Vendor is selling that day with Live Menu and find out about any Live Discounts. 

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